Tiles Wall & Floor, Natural stone, Special sizes

More than just tiles.

We are tiling specialists. That much is certain. But that is not all, by a long shot. Our services now cover a complex spectrum of requirements for craftsman services. We can take care of all your needs relating to wall and floor coverings, cladding and dry construction extensions. See for yourself how versatile this can be.

Walls & Floors

  • Tiles - standard and mosaic
  • Renovation
  • Re-tiling
  • Residential
  • Complete bathrooms, living area
  • Commercial tiling work
  • All types of tiling repair work
  • Renovation of balcony and terrace tiles

Nature stone

  • Internal and external areas
  • Natural stone walls
  • Terraces and balconies
  • Windowsills
  • Staircases
  • Tiles made of natural stone, granite and marble

Special sizes

  • Large tiles with various dimensions
  • up to 100x300 cm
  • Mosaic tiles, strip mosaic, glass mosaic
  • Wood-effect tiles
Dry construction Wall systems, Flooring systems, Ceiling systems, Loft conversion

Dry construction.

Our dry construction solutions for ceilings, walls and floors open up unimaginable possibilities for your interior design.

Wall systems

  • Metal stud-walls as non-supporting partition walls
  • Installation walls for building equipment and appliances
  • Front-wall installation for WC partition walls
  • Glass partition walls

Flooring systems

  • Dry screed can be laid on unfinished floors and levelled with an appropriate dry level fill 

Ceiling systems

  • Wood or metal substructures to reduce room height
  • Improvement in noise and thermal insulation protection using mineral insulation materials
  • Installations can be carried out in ceiling cavities

Loft conversion

  • Vapour barrier with noise and thermal insulating materials
  • Wood or metal construction
Flooring Screed, Laminate, Designer floor coverings, carpets

Clever set-up.


  • Cement flowing screed for residential and commercial use
  • Anhydrite flowing screed for residential and commercial us


  • Ready-to-install parquet flooring
  • Laminate

Designer floor  & PVC coverings

  • Stick and click systems
  • Various sizes and formats
  • PVC coverings
  • Vinyl coverings


  • Needle-felt
  • carpets
Installation Windows



  • Plastic windows
  • Installation and delivery
  • On-site measurement